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Name: Mandy
Age: 16
Location: RI
Gender: Female

5 Bands: the used, Taking back sunday, Korn, gc,static lullaby
2 Books: "lord of the rings" and "portrait of a kill jake the ripper case closed"
5 movies: LOTR, edward sissorhands, donnie darko, dawn of the dead, grind
How Many shows have you been to?: 2
What were they?: warped tour and 95.5 b-day basg
Whats your favorite song in general?: right now it would be the killers- Mr. Bightside
Favorite lyrics?: i dont have any right now
Promote this community to at least one place and tell me that place: probally finch commuinity
Why did you join this community?: cause i love the used and all the bands!
Do you have any pictures of yourself or any bands that you may like, if so show us?:

heres Green day

heres last year Picture of me... yeah this is the only one i have for now......

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