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i just got an email from them, and if i promote a lot i'l get free stuff. what could be better than that, free shit from an awesome band :) so yeah you should definatly check them out and maybe even join the street team. enjoy :)

Silverstein is looking for hard working, dedicated people to join their street team.
We need people who are willing to spend a few spare hours a week helping
one of the hardest working bands in the industry achieve their goals as a
band. We are looking for anyone who can get out there and hand out flyers,talk to the public, or post banners and E-cards on message boards. Anything that can make the public more aware of Silverstein.

If any of the preceding apply to you, We encourage you to sign up for
The Silverstein Street Team. The more work you do, the more effort you put forth, will lead to free tickets, exclusive downloads, chats with the
band, access to news first, free swag, etc.! If you think you are up to the
challenge, email us at silverteam05@hotmail.com and tell us why you
think you would be good on the SilverTeam. Be sure to visit www.silversteinmusic.com for tour info, news, messageboard, and morelj-cut>
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